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We proudly serve a unique coffee blend, specifically created for Bitter Rose Coffee Bar. In Collaboration with Lawrence Casperson, owner of the longtime staple of Los Angeles: Kings Road Café, who has been roasting and serving a single, French roast cup of coffee and espresso for over 30 years. Owners of Bitter Rose Coffee Bar: Natalie Connacher and Michael McClure (who both worked for Lawrence at Kings Road). set out on a mission, to create and offer the best dark roast coffee that can be found in Portland. Here at Bitter Rose Coffee Bar we serve one blend, for drip coffee and espresso alike. A medium -dark French roast, roasted in San Jose, CA in Lawrence’s roaster and roasted by Robert Wright of Keystone Coffee Roasters, a family owned company that has been roasting coffee since 1860’s, Robert is a Q-certifed roaster, the highest certification you can receive in the roasting profession and one of only 300 Q-certified roasters worldwide. We only serve the best here at Bitter Rose because our philosophy is that coffee is best served strong. If you’re ever in the area feel free to stop by and give our coffee a try, we are confident you will not be disappointed.